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Zoom Lens - Welcome To China 7'' (1984)

Este album corresponde al tercer 7’’ realizado por Zoom Lens, desconozco los dos anteriores. En “Welcome To China” la banda estuvo compuesta por Wilie Shearer (voz, sintetizador), Gary Gray (Simmons S.D.S.V.), Stevie Kane (bajo) y Alex Grigelis (más teclados). Más new wave característico de la época

Zoom Lens - Welcome To China 7'' (1984)

01 - Welcome To China
02 - Waxworks


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redo dijo...

from my youtube chanel



Capa Nostra dijo...

Thanks for the links Redo, I found much more information from there. Take Care.

Roach dijo...

The B-side is incredible, thanks a lot for posting this!

Anónimo dijo...

many thanx for this! great stuff! but can anyone provide the other two 7"es mentioned here?:
saludos from Germany

Capa Nostra dijo...

You're welcome Anon, I'm still looking for that other 7'' hope to find it soon. Greetings!!

putin dijo...

many thanx for this! great stuff
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